Nihahi Ridge ” FKT ” 


Well for quite some time I was looking from Powder Face Mountain cross the valley on long and beautiful Nihahi Ridge … I knew lots people was on it and run parts and pieces but never hear anyone run entire ridge  ( I find later Ian MacNairn did but not everything connected in one day  )


 So I maped out course in Suunto Movescount, including climb from backside up on Prairie Mountain, down , then climb on Powder Face which created perfect 52km long loop –  upload run route into my Ambit3 peak and went for it … ( in Luna – Gordo sandals ) … Absolutely amazing experience and definitely hardest 52km in my life… There was actual trail on maybe 20% , rest is all ” bush running ”  Solo – Unsupported, powered by Vitargo S2

 Here is actual run data 

 Movescount – Nihahi Loop  

And here is video ( make sure click on HD )

Nihahi Ridge HD video – YouTube

Huge thanks to Barefoot Ted and guys from LUNA SANDALS for all the support! Iam proud to represent! …. Peace !