Hydrating in summer 

Summer is here ! 

I am slowly but surely getting ready for Tahoe 200. Part of the training is looking for right gear that will make sense to carry with me , will improve my race strategy, finding tiny gains that can make a difference. And since i am kinda gear freak, testing new ideas is actually quite fun. So I am gonna show ya bunch of interesting products that I believe, can definitely improve your summer running & training. 

is pretty simple, super light , simple concept – in your pocket, you run out of the water, find creek, pond , lake, dirty rain puddle – stick it in and suck clean water! 

Very fast and efficient the only problem is that once you leave you water source, you don’t have a backup… I guess you could take water in your water bottles and use lifestraw later… 

Sue Usher from RockGear Distribution gave me this awesome filter system, that seems to be even better actually! ” plastic ” super light foldable bottle with filter straw in it ! 

So no need sucking from creeks simply get water, screw filter straw on and you are on your way with clean water whenever you need it ! Slightly increased weight but nothing crazy and the definitely interesting concept! Both filters removes 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoa 

Lifestraw is around 27$ in MEC 

Vapur 1L bottle with filter around 50$ in Spry – RockGear 

Stay hydrated, train smart, race hard & have fun doing it yo ! 


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