MooseBicycle 3.o / 2018

It’s a new bike day ! Yeah!

I dunno there is something special about those days when you open the box and unpack your new bike! Isn’t? Since childhood always was…

….anyway kind of topic, but last fall my friend bought a brand new truck and he was pretty happy and excited, he took me for a ride and we were talking about all the things his new truck can do and how happy he was… however about a month later he got a new bicycle and we went for a long ride…. we didn’t talk too much I guess but sun was shining beautiful afternoon and when I looked behind I saw this dude smiling… so happy spinning those cranks with big ass smile on his face…. it somehow felt more powerful to me then when he drove that big ass truck. We humans are simply born to move around and even big and expensive items can’t replace that pure feeling of freedom… bikes mean freedom since childhood…  at least to me they do !

Anyway back to my original plan… it’s a new bike day! Yeah I unpacked new fatbike from Moose Bicycle today, ” Fatty 3.0 to be specific.

It is basically second year that Moose released they high end bike, you can find more information in my previous post about the company and what they focused on . But I want to compare those two bikes in this post, sort of give you basic information about what bikes can do and what has changed from previous model…

Here Iam riding 3.0 – 2017 on top of the MtMoose … this bike is absolute a beast! I rode it for about a year in random places, rocks , mud , snow whatever you desire this bike rides like a tank! Front Bluto suspension was absolutely fantastic and no doubt guys from Moose rolled that into another year without hesitation!

Here you see new 3.0 besides 2017 model, handlebars FSA stays as well, headset FSA on both models no doubt cause I didn’t noticed or have any issues with it so why fix what’s not broken?!

Same Shimano shifters and hydraulic brakes, XT in back working fantastic! 11 speed cassette with oversized big ring for those super steep climbs!

Cranks were upgraded to FSA and bottom bracket as well FSA matching the entire setup! I believe that’s huge step forward! Even though I never had issues with 2017 this seems much more convenient setup…

Rims also changed to SUN rims ( tubless ready ) same width but lower profile and bigger cut outs, this makes the wheels feel lighter but just as strong as 2017 version, obviously tires was changed from Maxxis to Wee Tire ” snowshoe XL ” how I feel about that? I am not sure yet as I have to do more riding first but looking pretty damn agressive and gripping the ground well!

Most importantly what changed is geometry of the bike even tho 2017 felt super solid and like tank just ride over whatever! This feels more relaxed and sort of a more playable easier to cut sharp corners, jump etc. kinda feels more as MTB not lazy fatty if you know what I mean…

older version was kinda off like let’s pack tons of load on me and I will deliver , this is more all year around fun bike I would say! Seriously ideal bike for Calgary when we really have 7 months of winter!

So first impressions you have right here! Iam sure I will do another post with cool photos from upcoming adventures in the future!

Massive thanks to guys from MooseBicycle for letting me play with their creations year after year! Also super stoked seeing all those improvements they did from very first bike up to date , and not only on 3.0 entire line of the bike are constantly involving and changing for better, tiny details, way the cables goes, way they are attached to the frame, materials, welding, paint jobs etc! Super stoked to be a part of it !

Cheers ! Enjoy your Moose ! Stay in motion…