Year of the Monkey

Well …It’s been a long time … I am not exactly the blogging type, I guess… Definitely love Instagraming  though, taking pictures is just a much easier way to express myself and to say something without words, sometimes no words are needed anyway… 

  • however  LunaSandals coming to Canada! That’s the great news ! So I wanna answer bunch questions cause lots people are asking me what model is the best, which model I use the most, what this and that so… Gotta try say something about Lunas I used in last two years … 

  • Mono ”  I run in Monos alot ! Basically everything on road & treadmill, I would say they are my ” road shoes ” super light, simple and comfortable! They need about 60 to 80km break in time to really form to your feet and they form the best from all Lunas I believe. I don’t run trails in Monos however some nice easy ” groomed ” trails are not the issue… I raced half marathon in monos finished second, definitely wasn’t sandal that was holding me back to run faster though! They are very responsive but feel a bit cushy …. 

  • Leadville Trail ” same like Mono basically plus solid Vibram rubber more gripping bottoms make this sandals great for running trails, they form fast to your feet and simply last much longer on sharp rocks and rough terrain…. 
  • Leadville Gordo ” is basically Leadville Trail  with extra ” protection ” or portable ground however you wanna call it … Amazing sandals for technical sharp rocky trails or Ultra Distance, I finished second in BlackSpur Ultra 100Km in them and actually use same sandals to run my Nihahi FKT loop and still use them now days running in training… Take more time to break them in but definitely last much longer! Great sandals! 

  • Skinny Bear ” super grippy, super thin , just leather & Oso Vibram rubber on the bottom, great all around city with really that barefoot feel and always ready to hit the trail. They don’t have midsole so didn’t form as great to the foot and stay kinda flatish however if you’re looking for maximum foot proprioception this is the one ! 

  • Oso ” is exactly same ride like Mono or Leadville Pacer but with Skinny Bear super grip , very durable trail sandals but Oso Vibram grip seems to be much more durable even walking around on pavement compared to trail Leadville Pacer sandals, I still prefer Monos for innercity life though but Oso is very versatile and great all around choice… 

    • Origen ” really really like them ! They have actually Michelin tires tread on the bottom makes them total tank ! Super grippy , protective and responsive! You have two options to choose from, one running ready with ” tech straps ” another option is go on website and build your own custom Sandals with whatever color leather straps you like ( I have green on pic above) even leather straps are totally secure and running ready ! Looking forward to running hard in them ! 

    • Mono Gordo ” is Mono but with extra mid layer ” memory foam ” like material. Great sandals for long road running, Ultras on firm ground or pavement or even excellent everyday sandals with super loooooooong life! Oh and very light… Also available to customize, on Luna website with different colors options , tech or leather straps… 

    • Luna Tabu ” is ninja like sock if you will…. Nice backup to have in your pocket just in case you get some snow up on mountain ridges or bad weather roll in, it’s just like jacket or gloves in your pocket protect your feet against elements when you need it …. 

    •  running in sandals its fun! Yeah we might call it a skill… Or life style? Whatever I absolutely love it! Makes me smile when Iam running, makes me enjoy every minute of it… Allows me to work on my form, get me stronger, injuries free and most importantly very happy! Even if not for hardcore distance running, you should give Lunas a try … Great way to enjoy world and nature around you….

    •  and you become part of the monkey tribe lol whatever your Lunas takes you Iam sure you will get high five from another Lunatic… 
    • Lots great informative content about Lunas , how to adjust straps etc. you can find on the Luna website
    • Our Luna ambassadors team you can find HERE get inspired…
    • There is much more models and styles on the website, I have just mentioned my favorites but check the website to find what will fit into your lifestyle and Enjoy… 


      Nihahi Ridge ” FKT ” 


      Well for quite some time I was looking from Powder Face Mountain cross the valley on long and beautiful Nihahi Ridge … I knew lots people was on it and run parts and pieces but never hear anyone run entire ridge  ( I find later Ian MacNairn did but not everything connected in one day  )


       So I maped out course in Suunto Movescount, including climb from backside up on Prairie Mountain, down , then climb on Powder Face which created perfect 52km long loop –  upload run route into my Ambit3 peak and went for it … ( in Luna – Gordo sandals ) … Absolutely amazing experience and definitely hardest 52km in my life… There was actual trail on maybe 20% , rest is all ” bush running ”  Solo – Unsupported, powered by Vitargo S2

       Here is actual run data 

       Movescount – Nihahi Loop  

      And here is video ( make sure click on HD )

      Nihahi Ridge HD video – YouTube

      Huge thanks to Barefoot Ted and guys from LUNA SANDALS for all the support! Iam proud to represent! …. Peace ! 


      INKnBURN – Badwater Salton Sea Q&A with Michelle Barton 


      This year I had a chance running  Badwater Salton Sea 135km Ultra here you can read pre race interview with my teammate Michelle Barton . Proud to represent one of my awesome sponsors INKnBURN beautifully  designed handmade technical clothes, from family run business based in Southern California.

      More you can read here :

      Badwater Salton Sea – INKNBURN

                 VIVOBAREFOOT – Motus 

      Lets start here, first things first…
      I am a VIVOBAREFOOT  sponsored athlete for two & a half years. Besides Vivobarefoot and LUNA SANDALS , I didn’t have other brands on my feet for quite some time now. I would like to elaborate on how this particular model fits into the VivoBarefoot family.

      When the guys from VivoBarefoot sent me the Motus, I didn’t even know what it was made for. I took it out of the box and took it to different terrains to see how it performs. Right on the first touch, I noticed the rubber compound sole is more beefy & sticky feel compared to other Vivobarefoot shoes which made this shoe extremely stable. When you put it on, you feel very grounded… After you lock your foot into the velcro strap you feel ready for action, this is a completely brand new feel for me. Almost all the Vivobarefoot shoes I currently wear have a fairly loose fit, which from a runners point of view I prefer, however, I can only imagine how these shoes will excel in the gym in activities such as box jumps and climbing ropes. You really feel your foot will stay in place and not twist on you.

      Also, I don’t think this shoe is meant to be running long distances, but there is not a problem running in the gym on the treadmill before your crossfit activities.   

      Compared to the Stealth, which is purely a running shoe, the Motus gives you exactly enough space for your toes but lock your foot inside the shoe in the right spot, it doesn’t allow twisting. I can totally see how VivoBarefoot filled the gap in the family of shoes and created a masterpiece. The Motus is beautiful design down to the tiny details such as the 3D tongue – the holes allow more breathing in the upper whuch can be a huge benefit in indoor activities.

      The Motus is extremely stable in lateral movement which excelles in basketball or tennis. I took it outside for a short run on pavement and the shoe was very responsive, not sloppy. The Motus feels more stiff than the Stealth. In some weird way, I feel the velcro strap is not helping me to run better. I tested the shoe on trails as well, and when running sideways on slopes, the shoe is feeling snug and secure. It is not slipping sliding or twisting.

      It is hard to beat a trailfreak on the trail, which is a total workhorse and a very reliable dependable trail shoe, in my opinion. Guys doing free running or parkour can have huge benefits from the security of the Motus. Overall, I am happy with the Motus, but I believe its designed as a sport specific shoe.

      This is really the case for the tight tool for the right job. If you are looking for a medium to long disrance running shoe, I would go with the Stealth. If foot is ‘wide’, I would go with the Evo-Pure. If your sport is using a lot of lateral movement, the Motus is hands down the best choice.

      The Motus is a fantastic addition to the VivoBarefoot collection. Enjoy your Motus & live Barefoot!!