Gear talk – Leki poles 

               “The right tool for the right job”
Long story short…  I’ve been using Leki for over two decades now… Back home in Slovakia we had BigPack store back of the days and they were selling Leki brand like top of the line Trekking poles, I had pair for backcountry skiing – telescopic aluminum such great poles ! Since then everything changed once carbon fiber comes to the market poles become much stronger and same time much more lighter! 

Absolutely in love with trigger shark attachment for Skimo racing ! So much faster and easier way to dealing in transitions, taking skins off and all that jazz ! It just makes perfect sense… 

After lots Ultra racing last year very focused on ” speed ”  I kinda wanna try more adventurous approach in 2016 , meaning have lots fun in mountains really more enjoying short Canadian summer and only pick one A race, that was the plan. So I choose Tahoe 200Miles

Race with 98% single track over beautiful terain! Iam sure my heart will be in right place during the race even if legs will feel otherwise… Least that’s the plan ! So Iam sticking with it ! 

Anyway I was listening my friend Victor Ballesteros ( finished 2place at Tahoe last year pic above) audio podcast on Trail Running Nation and he give me idea use poles in my race… Of course Leki were first thing on my mind cause I can’t imagine having that ” regular ” plastics strap around my wrist for ideally 60 hours long?! 

Recently thanks to amazing people from Leki – USA I become part of the Leki Trail Running team which is absolutely fantastic ! Guys set me up with bunch carbon fiber running  poles and I started training with them immediately! Transition from Skimo winner season into summer running with poles is actually perfect! 

My  Plan slightly changed though I enter recently one more race – Sinister 7 local amazing 100 miles in Crownest Pass area Iam sure you already know what Iam talking about! But if you’re not click on the link and put it on your list for next year! So test run at Sinister hopefully I will find all the bugs in those 100miles and get my mind ready run it over again hah … 

  • Micro Trail Pro / Trailstick  Light & stiff! On pic above is basically same poles only two color choices whatever you prefer if racing red is too much for your taste just go with that classic carbon fiber look … 

  • Poles are attached to you wrist this way, see white loop … Or you can use trail running gloves instead strap around your wrist… 

  • In winter or cold days Windstopper gloves work amazing! 

  • You can unhook poles easy anytime dealing with your gear , nutrition, hydration, hook it back on and running… Simple, easy… Fast ! And Super comfortable! 

  • Alissa St Laurent & Eric Reyes on top of the Grotto mountain, Alissa also incorporated poles into her training for UTMB  , it’s definitely leg saver over super long racing when lots power walk sections waiting to eat your legs… And if not for anything else?! We invited new sport! High altitude fencing ! 

Have fun Running whatever distance whatever race or peaks or deserts , jungles you choose to ! Train smart race hard yo ! Enjoy your Leki